Monday, 21 April 2014

Evaluation part 8

looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?

Thinking about what we have achieved and accomplished in the last 10 weeks, i'm surprised to say that i'm in fact so proud of what my group have achieved. Going from being a joke of the class having people thinking "oh they wont achieve much from this project" to seeing the look on peoples faces when they witnessed our first draft and having brilliant feedback.

We was shocked to say the least when we received such brilliant feedback from our class and teacher of how the elements we used was a success. I think that overall i've learned from this experience that it doesn't matter who you have in your group it matters about the chemistry and commitment that you within your group share with eachother. Looking back now i feel that if i was in another group i would never of had the confidence to voice my ideas of different aspects of our sequence, and how it allowed me to go further and push our groups media title sequence product to be the best it possibly could.

I've learned how to take an idea from a table in class and take it to lengths of having a physical example to watch as many times as i want over the internet. Basically seeing our thoughts come to life, i feel that at the start i believed that it would be a real hard challenge going from what we had to do. To what we have achieved now i find it amazing to think all of the challenges, all of the late nights and all of the planing and struggling to end up in a single video.

Evaluation part 7

What I learned from the technologies that we used in our media product

We was given two fantastic opportunities one being the fact that we could decide our own genre of the title sequence we was going to make and another being the fact we could choose who was going to be in our group. I jumped at the chance to work with Liam and Jeevan not only because the reason they was my close friends. But because I knew in a group with friends there’s that chemistry, the way you can express yourself and give of ideas that you maybe wouldn’t have the confidence to say in front of a chosen group not in your friendship group. Having Jeevan and Liam both in my group was a wicked advantage as this I was aware that all three of us were all great at different areas of which would have been useful for instance.

I had Liam, had passed media gcse with me before and had great knowledge in filming and knowing what to think about how the audience would react to different elements in the sequence. And Jeevan new to media although had great knowledge of ways to develop the conventions of our product for instance he knew how to act in our sequence and what should be within and what was best to take out. And me, possessing my (A* in music technology) I had great knowledge of what music and sound in general should have been put onto the sequence.
We had a straight away issue from the start however with camera it was extremely technical and required knowledge for instance I said form the start I didn’t want to control the camera as I knew myself I couldn’t be trusted holding and using such an expensive piece of equipment with such poor knowledge. So I did the decent thing and called a group vote for just Liam to use the camera as he had done photography in gcse and had great knowledge of how to hold and change the lence. So we asked our teacher for a tutorial into how to use and take care of it.

I learned more in depth about final cut pro, causing me to gain knowledge of how it works and how to take a non-edited clip and transform it into a masterpiece. But my main gain in knowledge of the experience of with logic Pro 9. Using Logic Pro 9 I single handily created and produced the soundtrack and even added effects of our media product title sequence “The Waking Hour”.

Evaluation part 6

What attracted our audience?

Our main target audience as we originally as a group had decided to be from the ages of 15-25 year olds. Our media product (title sequence) reached out to our audience I felt as we used elements and key features that would have attracted the ages we aimed for. For instance nowadays from the ages of 15-25 when questioned a staggering 71% of a local cinema over a period of 2 months, revealed that they were most interested in seeing films of a horror/thriller nature. This being chosen over huge genres such as sci-fi, rom/com and action. Knowing these statistics we found I feel that we achieved in attracting our target audience of the same age and interests.

Using questionnaires we a created and sent around our sixth form to not only our friends but also people not in our social group and even teachers. We gave them the opportunity to have a private screening of our films title sequence and after gave them our created questionnaire containing such questions as “do you feel the actors represented people of your social groups?” and “do you feel how the actors of your age group are acting represents the right social groups?” with amazing feedback such as… “What that man’s wearing is really scary and sinister I can tell his the baddy straight away” which gave us great influence and determination as a group to go further in the production knowing we had reached our target audiences attraction  

Evaluation part 5

How our media product represents particular social groups-

Using key elements for instance props we were able to show the viewer of our product, to go further in our title sequences story and plot. We as a group decided on many which we could have gave the audience knowledge of the social groups being represented. For instance our title sequence as a whole featured the use of two social group entities, one being a group of 16-17 year old teen boys. The other being a social group of a dark, sinister and seemingly suspicious nature when looking into our first represented social group (teen boys). We spent many hours looking into how they behave, how they think? Even what clothes they would be seen wearing, in the end we had decided as a group to go for 4/5 boys wearing clothes such as smart casual. Being traditionally jeans nice shoes and smart top we achieved this effect by instructing our actors before the shoot to wear clothes as if they would have been going to a party.

 Using different techniques such as different types of editing and camera angels we were able to show the realistic nature of our groups and how they had been represented was in a positive nature. Rather than how media in general likes to represent youth of teens in extracts as being “abusive”, “chavs” and having general disregard for society and local areas. We challenged this convention by involving the youth social group in our title sequence to have a positive attitude towards their society and people around them. Although we had the difficulty of having no diegetic sound of speech from the actors (youth) in our title sequence what we had originally planed them to discuss the party which they was going too. Because of this it made it that little bit harder to have the representation of the teens to be in a positive nature, which meant more strain had to go on how they would look (mise-en-scene) to show their background in the short time they would have been showed for in the sequence.

In comparison with the social group background of the older man we found that a much more easier task of representing him out to be of a dark nature. Using props such as hodies and black clothing we were able to give of the impression that the man in black was of a dark nature and would instantly be shown to be the main protagonist. This worked as the colour black is often used to represent a dark feeling and troubled nature. Whereas the teens social group was shown to be in bright vibrant clothing connoting the difference in backgrounds between the two.

Friday, 4 April 2014

Evaluation part 3


What institutions might disrepute our film are such companies as 'Solana Films' US, they would be our best chance at distributing our film through an American clientele. They have distributed many great films of a similar genre. Including there most if not famous distributed film "Paranormal activity". I personally believe they truly would be the best chance of distributing our film throughout the US, as they are extremely well known in the industry to take a small none heard off, low budget production film and turn it into a worldwide bestselling film. That could even spin off to create a franchise of more films. As shown from their history with Paranormal Activity.

I also believe that 20th Century Fox (Uk) would be a great direction for distributing our film as they are extremely well famously known by not only the industry but also average movie lovers. As they year after year bring out to mainstream blockbuster films. That even with a low budget earn a huge budget as they are so powerful and have good contacts, that allow there partnership with cinemas across the Uk to be shown in many cinemas. Improving the popularity and known ability of "The Waking Hour".

Also i think that we would need to look for a distribution company in Europe that is well known for distributing films of a horror/thriller nature.

So we have decided that for distributing our film in Europe in selected, English (fluent) and second speaking languages may have a higher chance of viewing as the use of subtitles would annoy the audience. Not ruling out the use of voice translation, but that could be added to a dvd version as a special feature along with running commentary. As sending a copy of a voice transliterated  version of our film to the countries of none speaking English would cost great money and time. As well as weighing more production times down due to the fact that the film would have to be watched in editing with a foreign speaking expert. To ensure the dialect could be changed appropriately to the many languages requires.  

Evaluation part 2

Evaluation part 2

Who would be the audience for our product?

Our target audience is men and women from the ages of 15-25 year olds, this would be our target audiences age as they would be of appropriate age to view the explicit content shown throughout our film. They would have to be of a medium disposable income demographic. As our film would be showed at the cinema price of £9.20 in cinemas all across the Uk, us and selected parts of Europe. Due to the fact our film would be released on multi-platform. We would have to ensure that when released on Dvd, website and mainstream cinema that the rating of age would all be synced. And of the age of 15-25 year olds this ensuring that no ages below the standard legal age of consent is broken. Meaning only people of appropriate age can view the content of our film "The Waking Hour".

From our feedback sheets we learned that our target audience was of correct age of consent being provided by the class who we screened the film too. (First draft) There comments came back with such things as "good age range" and "works well to show what it does".

Occupation: Brand E (Students/ Part time workers)
Disposable income: medium
Lifestyle: students, student loans, studying, social events, cheap deals, low fashion sense, no car, (public transport).